Bell and Drum Tower, Attractions – Xian


Situated at the intersection of the East, West, South, and North roads in Xian, both the Bell Tower and the Drum tower are near one another.

Motivations to go there

  • Both, the chime tower and the drum tower merit a visit!
  • The chime tower was a wooden structure finished with dim green tiles. It is a terrific antiquated structure with conventional Chinese design highlights.
  • From the top the Bell Tower, guests can get a superior perspective on the encompassing zones and the structure’s splendidly embellished overhang.
  • Remaining in a beautiful area on the west side of the inside square of the city of Xi’an, the Drum Tower is just 150 meters from the Bell Tower.

Supportive Tips

  • The Bell and Drum Towers are flawlessly lit around evening time.
  • I prescribe to think about lodging costs great in Xian. Diverse booking destinations have very surprising costs for a similar lodging.

Step by step instructions to arrive

  • Standard transports inside the city cost ¥1 (¥2 for cooled, set apart with a snow-piece) regardless of how far you go. Basically jump on. Ensure you have the perfect sum – more often than not you don’t get change.
  • Taxi: The rate for the ordinary (green) taxis is ¥6 for the initial two kilometers and afterward ¥1.5 for each extra kilometer. Holding up times longer than 2 minutes will be charged ¥1.5 every moment. After 11PM the beginning cost is ¥7.

Extra Infos

  • The drum and chime towers were utilized in old occasions as the time keeping community for the whole city. at 7:00 pm the ringers and tolls were rung multiple times. Like clockwork from that point onward, the drums were thumped one an opportunity to keep time.

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