Life in Motherland – The ‘Say What?’ World of Music Lyrics


Honestly, the possibility of controlling music has never truly entered my thoughts. One, I despise control. I am a free discourse young lady on a basic level. If you are looking for additional motivations for song lyrics look at this site.

Two, originating from a radio foundation you develop to hate playing radio alters [truth is even in playing those record organization issued alters, individuals still called into gripe. It is possible that they were disturbed we were playing the alter or that the melody wasn’t sufficiently altered for their liking].

Three, I never truly put much idea into the expressness of verses since I’ve constantly believed that the issue is all relative on what individuals think about hostile and ‘excessively suggestive’. My music mantra has dependably been that there is such a great amount out there as far as melodic determinations, that there is a lot of “adequate” music for each age and taste.

Also, four, on the off chance that you don’t care for what’s being played, at that point change the radio station or don’t purchase the music.

However, I need to concede that with regards to my kiddlets, particularly my little three and half year old ‘I-continue everything-I hear-and-I-have-a-great memory-so-I’ll-recollect the-new-words-and-colloquialisms I’ve-learned-for-ever-and-ever-and-use-them-at-the-most-wrong occasions’ child, that maybe I haven’t actually been steadfast to my ‘no restriction’ rules. I’ve effectively altered out a portion of the music with regards to my child. The conspicuous one being the ‘no swearing’ condition. That is the huge ‘no-no’ at the present time. In any case, as both my children get more established I realize that the universe of ‘suggestive’ verses will be at my doorstep, holding on to be managed.

The truth is generally, Top 40 music has for the most part trivial verses yet I don’t have a clue if this is on the grounds that I’m getting more established, however as a rule, I end up saying ‘did they simply state what I think they just said?’ when I’m tuning in to new music.